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About Us

As indoor pet owners, we always had to deal with fur and lint in every corner of our house and clothes. We had tried many different lint removers, you name them. Some were electrical, some mechanical with buttons. But none were good enough to be worth having. Some electrical ones, even though they started out excellent, would break or become useless after a week of use.

In 2018 we found a product similar to our Lint Remover Pro. At the time it was simply called "lint remover". We decided to make some adjustments to improve the device quality and performance. We found that double copper head with specific cuts along the axis allowed us to get almost 100% lint out of any fabric. After designing and building couple by ourselves (which we called Lint Remover Pro) we showed it to others, received a positive feedback and were suggested to put the product online so that others could also get it.

After a few months, we found a manufacturer in China who implemented our design and agreed on free shipping rates with us as long as we met their monthly quantity demands.

We are extremely happy to hear our customers enjoying the product and hope they will not have to look for another lint remover for a very long time!


Engineer, Cofounder