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How To Use Your Lint Remover Pro

Please Read This Before Using Your Lint Remover Pro

Lint removers are an excellent tool for anyone who wants to restore the fabrics they use, giving you the chance to make your garments look as if they were brand new. Ideal for collecting hair, lint, and the little balls that form on certain materials, our lint removers offer an opportunity to breath new life into your wardrobe, without having to spend a small fortune in the process.

    How To Use Clean Lint Lint Removers

    Clean Lint has worked extremely hard to make sure that our lint removers are as easy as possible to use. The type of fabric and the way you use our lint removers will impact the results you see from them, making it well worth taking the time to read this guide carefully. If you’re unsure about a fabric you’d like to use our lint removers on, we recommend that you first test the tool on a piece of the garment or item that won’t be visible at the end.

    Step One: Find A Suitable Place For Your Fabric

    The first step in this process is going to involve finding a suitable place to carry out your lint removal. Ideally, you need a surface that will provide a solid backing for the fabric, while also holding it in place. For garments like coats and trousers, wearing the item can be a good way to hold it still. Larger items like sheets, furniture upholstery, and curtains may need a table to support them, along with some heavy books or other objects to hold them down.

    Step Two: Draw The Lint Remover Across The Fabric

    Once you have your fabric in the right place, it will be time to start drawing the lint remover across it. The way that you do this will depend on the type of fabric you’re working with, and it’s crucial that you follow the right steps to ensure that your fabric isn’t damaged.


    Lint Remover

    Delicate Fabrics: When being used with delicate fabrics like knitted wool, cotton, or thin polyester, you should hold the handle of your lint remover perpendicular to the fabric. Only a small amount of pressure should be applied, with the lint remover being slowly drawn across the surface of the fabric. You can go over the same areas more than once if you need to. (As pictured above)

    Portable Lint Remover

    Hardier Fabrics: Hardier fabrics like wool coats, carpets, and furniture upholstery give you the opportunity to apply more pressure when you’re using your lint remover. You should also hold the lint remover at a much more extreme angle, with your hand almost touching the fabric. (As pictured above)


    A demonstration of how to use your lint remover pro is shown in the gif below:

    Lint Remover

    Step Three: Remove The Collected Lint

    As you move your lint remover across the fabric, it will begin to collect up all of the lint, hair, and other unwanted materials in its path. This material won’t always stick to the lint remover, instead collecting up and being left in balls on the fabric. These can simply be removed, leaving the item free from unwanted fluff.

    Step Four: Enjoy Your Rejuvenated Wardrobe

    Removing hair and lint from clothing can be a chore, leaving many people with wardrobes and homes filled with fabrics that haven’t looked their best for a long time. Clean Lint makes this much easier for you, offering a lint remover that doesn’t require any sort of replenishment or awkward steps to use.

    What Makes Our Lint Remover Pro Special?

    There are two key methods used by modern lint removers, nowadays; adhesion and abrasion. Adhesion-based lint removers use sticky chemicals to collect the hair and lint on your clothing, and they have to be replaced once they’ve become completely covered with hair or run out of sticky pads. Our lint removers are abrasive though, and this means that they don’t need anything sticky to collect the hair and lint you have for them.

    Along with never having to replenish our lint removers, you will also benefit from excellent build quality. Each of our lint removers is made from natural wood and strong metal, ensuring that they can last for years to come, and are durable enough to be used on just about any fabric.

    • No sticky residue is left by our lint removers.
    • You don’t need replacement pads or batteries for our lint removers, making them very environmentally friendly.
    • Each lint remover is made from durable and long-lasting materials, ensuring that you get the most for your money.
    • A pure copper head keeps the lint remover in good condition for longer.
    • Our lint removers are incredibly easy to use without causing damage to your clothing or other fabrics.

    Getting Help With Your Lint Remover

    While we’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that our lint removers are as simple as possible, we understand that you may want some additional information to help you along. As such, we offer a range of different contact and learning tools that can make it much easier to get started with your lint remover.

    • Our Website: Our website is filled with handy tips and tricks that will teach you how to use your lint remover, including some handy gifs that can show you how to use your lint remover.
    • Contacting Us: Getting in contact with the team at Clean Lint couldn’t be easier. We’ve included a convenient contact form on our site to ensure that you can always get in touch.

    We understand that you don’t want to work to keep your fabrics in good condition, and this is why we’ve worked hard to create a lint remover that doesn’t come with any hassle. As you can see from this brief guide, getting started with our product couldn’t be easier. No matter how much hair or lint you have covering your fabrics, we’re confident that you can breathe new life into them with just a few minutes with our lint remover.